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Customers love MaidPro Calgary

  • We had a great experience with MaidPro! This was the fist time we had them in and we were so impressed with how thorough our cleaner is! We're excited to have them back in monthly!

    Jordan A. Calgary, AB

  • You guys did the most amazing job! The children and young caregiver raved and feel so much better, the effort and support really helped our caregiver feel so much better. Thank you and who ever went to support! Very greatly appreciated

    Kaden G. Calgary, AB

  • Maddie and Amber immediately and promptly showed up with sunshine in hand. They were super friendly and beyond hard working. I was moving out of my old house and looking to have some help cleaning the final touches. They not only brought their extra...

    Karina V. Calgary, AB

  • We had Ashlee today and as always she did an EXCEPTIONAL job! We LOVE Ashlee. On top of that she pulled at my heart strings as she noticed we had lost our dear pup to death and she made sure to mention it and give her condolences on the sheet she lef...

    Tara J. Calgary, AB

  • Heather and Jean did an awesome job in our new home. Nice to come home to a beautiful clean house. Thank you :-)

    Brent R. Calgary (Silverado), AB

  • I can't tell you how happy I was to come home and see the job Deanna did. She just went above and beyond with her clean. Everything that needed to be cleaned was spotless. The place looked amazing!

    Jojo H. Calgary (Bearspaw), AB

  • They did a very good job in a house that hadnt had a deep clean in 2 years.

    Andrew M. Calgary (Walden), AB

  • What other adjectives can I use to describe how happy we are with our clean. We are no longer merely customers of Maid Pro... We are now in a relationship! Every second Tuesday is my favourite day, because I know Paige will have my house shipshape wh...

    Amanda B. Calgary (Lakeview), AB

  • Excellent job cleaning my house. Very pleased with the service I've received so far from Maidpro.

    Kevin S. Calgary (Tuscany), AB

  • Was very impressed with the clean...definitely going to continue on a monthly basis. Cheers!

    Corrina M. Calgary (Sunnyside), AB

  • We love having Jenaye clean our house. She does a fantastic job and it's always an added pleasure when we get to chat with her either before or after the cleaning.

    Edward J. Calgary (Downtown), AB

  • Paige and Jean were delightful. The house looked amazing. I would highly recommend Maidpro !!

    Doreen F. Calgary (Strathcona Park), AB

  • We are so happy with our cleaning, thank you again!

    Amy V. Calgary (Richmond), AB

  • Heather did a very good job. She was very efficient .

    Isabelle M. Calgary (Elbow Park), AB

  • Another wonderful clean. Thanks Justine!

    Dianna M. Calgary (Lake Bonavista), AB

  • Thank you so much Heather!! You made my house sparkle :)

    Julie H. Calgary (Evanston), AB

  • Beth did a great job! She is very particular in her cleaning and it shows. My old dog thinks she is lovely -probably related to treats!!!

    Sharon C. Calgary (Harvest Hills), AB

  • Coming home to a spotless house was such a joy! Your team did a great job and got to the hard to reach cobwebs that I avoid.

    Kim K. Calgary (Acadia), AB

  • Paige was fantastic. Very well done!

    Kim C. Calgary (West Springs), AB

  • I am extremely pleased with my clean...awesome job!...The ladies who did the clean were both very personable and very good at their jobs. Thank you Paige and Nicole...I WILL call again and hopefully will be able to have you back..Thanks a lot Ladies!...

    Beth G. Calgary (Bowness), AB

  • Deanna and Danni did a great job. I'm always very happy with my cleans.

    Melissa B. Calgary (New Brighton), AB

  • I finally have a girl that cleans EVERYTHING and beyond . And she's super friendly with me and my animals and my son who is special needs. I adore her !!can't give a better review my home was spic and span clean when she left here today ! Very happy...

    Heather W. Calgary (Canyon Meadows), AB

  • As per usual Kayla was excellent! She is meticulous with her cleaning and pays attention to little details around my house. She always takes the time to ask how my son and I are doing. Thanks for everything Kayla - it's a pleasure having you in our h...

    Debbie B. Calgary (Bridgeland), AB

  • I've been a customer of Maidpro for a little less than a year, the cleanings are always great and I have to admit I was beginning to take them for granted. This week Paige cleaned my place and I have to say, she did an exceptional job. Not only was t...

    Paul A. Calgary (Beltline), AB

  • Justine is fantastic. I was home sick during my cleaning appointment and got the opportunity to meet her personally. She made every effort to ensure I was comfortable, and worked to ensure she minimized any noise and distraction on my behalf. She lef...

    Shauna C. Calgary (McKenzie Towne), AB

  • Justine has done a fabulous job at cleaning our house. Thank you went the extra mile to do more than the 49 point checklist

    Millie C. Calgary (Lake Bonavista), AB

  • I am a relatively new client and I am thrilled with Sienna and Colbee. They always leave such friendly notes and do a great job cleaning. I also love the little touches like my folded dish cloths.

    Alison E. Calgary (Mount Pleasant), AB

  • I appreciated that my feedback from last week was provided to Leora - she left me a lovely note and I'm delighted with my cleaning!

    Janet H. Calgary (Cedarbrae), AB

  • I was shocked to see non-streaky hardwood floors for the first time ever. Really impressed! Thank you!

    Dale F. Calgary (Mount Pleasant), AB

  • Love. It when Dani comes to clean. Always a great job, and why I request her to do my clean each and every time. Fantastic!!

    Jackie B. Calgary (Cranston), AB

  • Last visit was amazing so was the time before that. I am very happy with MaidPro, they are professional and a pleasure to have. Thank you again so much for the support and hard work!!

    Sangeen N. Calgary (Coach Hill), AB

  • Another great clean! I love coming home to such a shiny house. Great job Kelsey and Colbee.

    Jessica P. Calgary (Panorama), AB

  • Thank you to Dani, great clean as always! Appreciate the time and effort you put in. Thanks for going above and beyond!

    Kaitlin K. Calgary (Citadel), AB

  • Once again, Paige has gone above and beyond. Very happy with Maidpro - as a working Mom I feel such relief that someone is taking care of our needs in this way. What a support team!

    Amanda B. Calgary (Lakeview), AB

  • The ladies were so nice and efficient. The house looked wonderful when it was done! They were a great source of help and stress relief!

    Mary L. Bragg Creek, AB

  • Always glad to see Beth. She is thorough and does a great job. She is also cheerful and I enjoy her company.

    Wilma F. Calgary (Hidden Valley), AB

  • Thanks for doing a great job. I got home from being with 90 Junior High kids counselling at a Christian Camp and was exhausted. What a thrill to come home to a clean house.

    Cheryl F. Calgary (Glamorgan), AB

  • Nicole responded to my feedback and did an outstanding job on our recent clean! She was able to complete the prioritized bathrooms and floors as well as additional dusting and clean up in the kitchen, basement and bedrooms. We are very happy with thi...

    Stephanie S. Calgary (Strathcona), AB

  • This was the first time Paige cleaned our house and she did such a great job! She did a very thorough clean and I felt that no corners were cut. Thanks so much Paige!

    Connie B. Calgary (Glendale), AB

  • Jen and Sienna are very nice and hard workers. I have never had my house cleaned before and I was very pleased with their work. Thank You!

    Marilyn M. Calgary (Thornecliffe), AB

  • Thanks for the great work!

    Krista S. Calgary (Strathcona), AB

  • Justine and Paige were hardworking and paid a great del of attention to detail and pleasant to have in my home. They did an excellent job especially on the windows and blinds.

    Eleanor F. Calgary (Altadore), AB

  • I look forward to coming home the days I know you guys are here, a clean house is amazing!

    Rachel O. Calgary (Coach Hill), AB

  • Paige did a fantastic job!! Thank you so so much! The place looks and smells fresh and clean. We were delighted!

    Martha S. Calgary (Panorama), AB

  • Thank you for the great staff you have. Thanks for the extras, Beth

    Colleen A. Calgary (Country Hills), AB

  • Came home to a shining house today- it was bliss. Thanks Paige for the excellent job.

    Amanda B. Calgary (Lakeview), AB

  • Wow!!!! We had a bad week with a sick kitten and the place was a mess. I walked in after work and just said "wow!" I am impressed!

    Alex J. Calgary (Rocky Ridge), AB

  • I was recommended by my sister and very happy with the clean Tamara did on our place! I also loved the smell of the cleaning products - they were fresh and not harsh at all

    Brittney J. Calgary (Acadia), AB

  • This was my first time having someone clean for me, I was so happy. My husband was very happy when he came home. I didn't want to cook in my kitchen! Thanks so much.

    Zanna L. Calgary (Hidden Valley), AB

  • Chris was very personable and professional. Thank you so much for sending her! We were recommended to try your company, and I can see why.

    Suzanne B. Calgary (Queensland), AB

  • Danni is great! She always makes our house sparkle. It makes our lives so much easier because she takes such great care of our home.

    Suzanne C. Calgary (Oakridge), AB

  • This was everything I was hoping for in a clean and then some! So happy I found you guys!

    Rachelle O. Calgary (Coach Hill), AB

  • Kelsey does an excellent job. I love coming home to such a clean house!

    Jessica P. Calgary (Panorama), AB

  • Cheri-Lynn was lovely and very well organized. Feel that she went above and beyond with her cleaning. Would have her again.

    Terri M. Calgary (Edgemont), AB

  • I am so happy every time Tatiana is at my house! She is so friendly and thorough. She is also kind and caring towards my dog Yoshi and I really appreciate that :)

    Debbie B. Calgary (Bridgeland), AB

  • She was really good... she went above and beyond expectations.. would love yo have her again

    Charles G. Calgary (Roxboro), AB

  • Today we had a different cleaning company come that had just happen to drop by and bring their flyer. They had 3 girls come for an hour and 20 minutes and they didn't even come close to doing as good of a job that the girls from MaidPro do. Your serv...

    Kylie R. Calgary (New Brighton), AB

  • It was wonderful coming home to a clean house, it even smelled clean as soon as I walked in. Even the comments that were left were bang on, good job ladies.

    Margret Y. Calgary (Oak Ridge), AB

  • I just want to let you know how fantastic Danni is. Everytime she cleans for us I notice all of the little things she does. She puts an extra special touch in every room. I have had previous people clean and I can tell the difference. Please let her...

    Samantha H. Calgary (Queensland), AB

  • The clean was AMAZING!!! All the attention to details, it was like my house had been turned into a fancy room at a hotel!! I loved it and can't wait for the next clean!!!

    Jessica L. Calgary (Panorama), AB

  • I have already told so many of my friends about MaidPro... And my girl Karissa I just love her she works steady and yet is so nice that she talks to me as well. I can't say enough about her she's a great worker. I'm throwing a big BBQ this weekend an...

    Heather W. Calgary (Canyon Meadows), AB

  • Cheri-Lynn is always amazing. She's just great.

    Brandon B. Calgary (Capitol Hill), AB

  • Kelsey and Jenny did an amazing job cleaning our home - we are thrilled with the service!

    Keith E. Calgary (Montgomery), AB

  • The sinks were done extremely well. Attention was paid to the little things and the walls were spot cleaned. Very happy with the clean.

    Tyler C. Calgary (Beltline), AB

  • Danni did a wonderful job on my clean today and was great when I came home unexpectedly before she was finished. Thanks so much for all your work, I am extremely happy with my service.

    Marilyn A. Calgary (Hidden Valley), AB

  • Jenny does an absolutely amazing job for our house cleaning!

    Leah M. Calgary (Bridgeland), AB

  • I haven't had a cleaning in 2 months, so my house was pretty bad. They did a fantastic job even so. Very happy with this clean.

    Stacy W. Calgary (Martindale), AB

  • The clean today was excellent. Things were not put back but I like that because everything on our list was cleaned very well. I would rather have extreme clean then things put back.

    Sarah K. Calgary (Marda Loop), AB

  • Jodie-Lee is exceptional!! I work from home and she is so accommodating when I have to run on calls. I walk away at the end of the day to a beautiful and clean house...she is a lifesaver!!

    Paige W. Calgary (Brentwood), AB

  • Thanks for the little extras each time. It makes a huge difference to me.

    Jennifer K. Calgary (Hidden Valley), AB

  • Really good job. The master bathroom shower looked great - I can appreciate it was a lot of work. Thanks!

    Lisa G. Calgary (Bearspaw), AB

  • The ladies an incredible job, once again! I've been recommending MaidPro to everybody!!

    Sean G. Calgary (Cranston), AB

  • It was a bit of challenge this time as I had an Oscar Party and lots of confetti to pick up, But Chalsey did a great job.

    Zane N. Calgary (Beltline), AB

  • Danni did a great job! There were a lot of special little things she did this time. Thank you MaidPro!

    Chris N. Calgary (Cranston), AB

  • Gigi does a fantastic job! She goes above and beyond expectations to make coming home a real treat! Thank you so much.

    Jacintha G. Calgary (McKenzie Towne), AB

  • Gigi was awesome. She showed up early and powered through my house, leaving everything spotless along the way.

    Sean G. Calgary (Cranston), AB

  • The initial clean we had done was so detailed - my home was cleaner than it even was when we moved in! The regular cleans are a lifesaver - the ladies we've had in are a pleasure. They're detail orientated and they do a better job than I could. After...

    Shilo B. Calgary (Skyview), AB

  • How great to come home to a spotless house after a hard day...thx so much MaidPro ! :)

    Collin C. Calgary (Glendale), AB

  • The place looked wonderful! Thank you sooo much :)

    Janine S. Calgary (Panorama), AB

  • Excellent clean again!!! Thanks!

    Stephen W. Calgary (Harvest Hills), AB

  • Beth did a great job! Thanks for working around my upgrades!

    Anna I. Calgary (Harvest Hills), AB

  • Sue did a fantastic clean! She is very meticulous & it's a joy to come home to a perfectly cleaned house!

    Susan G. Calgary (Aspen Woods), AB

  • Carrolee does an awesome job of making our house feel like a home. I am so grateful.

    Heather R. Calgary (Sage Hill), AB

  • Danni did a great job on the bathrooms today. I've really come to depend upon her reliable work.

    Karla B. Calgary (Lakeview), AB

  • I can't say enough about our experience with Chris yesterday. We have recently adopted a rescue dog, and forgot to tell MaidPro ahead of time to expect her in the house. Not only did Chris do a fantastic job in the house, but she was very kind and un...

    Andrea B. Calgary (McKenzie Lake), AB

  • I really enjoy the little extras for example how the towels are folded and hung in such a nice fashion, and the card that is left with any notes. I don't have any complaints, it is such a treat to come home to a shining and sparkling home. Katelyn di...

    Rhonda S. Calgary (Mahogany), AB

  • Sue is very thorough and takes pride in a job well done. I'm thrilled each and every time she cleans my home. Thank you Sue for caring for my home as if it's your own. You go above and beyond your tasks which in turn allows me to enjoy my free time a...

    Trish S. Calgary (Cranston), AB

  • Both ladies worked quickly and efficiently. The place looks great. I enjoy the new lavender Febreeze they used.

    Wilma F. Calgary (Hidden Valley), AB

  • Wow, they really went above and beyond this last visit. Really happy. Thank you!

    Sean D. Calgary (Panorama), AB

  • A great clean, cleaners were very friendly and competent. Everything was done really well and would love to have them again.

    Joyce B. Calgary (Midnapore), AB

  • The house was awesome looking as always.

    Jim W. Calgary (Douglasdale), AB

  • Excellent service and enjoy the little nice touches.

    Glenn T. Calgary (Inglewood), AB

  • Kayla is a fantastic cleaner. I trust her completely, and enjoy her excellent work and her friendly personality.

    Anat S. Calgary (Bankview), AB

  • Love having Danni clean our place. She does an amazing job and is awesome with our pup Bronco. Couldn't imagine having anyone else on a regular basis! She is superb!

    Carolyn M. Calgary (Chapparal), AB

  • They were amazing :) did a wonderful job and were super friendly

    Jo Jo H. Calgary (West Springs), AB

  • I have a very small old house, and it would seem I needed someone with a magic wand to make it look and feel clean! When Danni and Angela left here on Monday, one with a vacuum under her arm and another with a bucket full of cleaning products, that i...

    Elsie H. Calgary (Bowness), AB

  • The job that was completed was fantastic! The 2 ladies that cleaned the house did a great job. There was a ton to do. My Fiance also met them as they waklked out of the house and they were very friendly and asked about the dog. A big thank you and lo...

    T.J.D. Calgary (Killarney), AB

  • We were thrilled to come home after a long day and the house was clean from top to bottom. Thank you so much to the girls! Much appreciated

    Chelsea L. Calgary (Silverado), AB

  • The two ladies Brenda and Tatyana did a fantastic job. I was extremely pleased and would gladly have them again. We have sold our home -- last night actually and will be moving to a condo at which time we will be very likely to call them again for a...

    Judith P. Chestermere, AB

  • Great job! So happy to have my house all clean simultaneously!

    Michelle W. Calgary (Evansdale), AB

  • We are thrilled with the amazing job Chris did at our place this week! An incredibly thorough cleaning - thank you!

    Stephanie S. Calgary (Strathcona Park), AB

  • Just so, so great! Honestly makes my whole day! Cheri-Lynn is awesome!

    Alex J. Calgary (Rocky Ridge), AB

  • Tatiana and Cheri-Lynn did a great job! The place was immaculate. Thank you MaidPro!

    Andrea W. Calgary (Mission), AB

  • Friendly, efficient, love my clean house

    Sylvia T. Calgary (Killarney), AB

  • The place looked absolutely fantastic, as always. And now one of my Airdrie friends has signed up!

    Dave B. Calgary (Bridgeland), AB

  • Carolee and Violetta provided great service! They were friendly, professional and made my first experience with MaidPro a pleasure! Will defiantly be booking again!

    Alicia P. Calgary (Westgate), AB

  • We love Sue - she does an incredible job, is very efficient, and also very respectful of the fact that we have small children with naps. Thank-you!

    Tera S. Calgary (West Springs), AB

  • Joelle did a fantastic job cleaning my condo, MaidPro has been a consistent superior cleaning company. I've used several cleaning companies over the years and MaidPro is head and tails above any other service I have used! Thanks Joelle! Great job!

    Paul A. Calgary (Beltline), AB

  • Thanks again for the great job you are doing - I feel like I have friends cleaning my house!!!

    Glenna M. Bearspaw, AB

  • I had to go back outside and check to make sure I had gone in the right townhouse! Cheri-Lynn and Tatiana had more than their fair share of work with this place and they went over and above any of my expectations. I cannot thank them enough!! Through...

    Patti J. Calgary (Whitehorn), AB

  • Sue did an excellent job again today. I appreciate the extra time she took in our master bathroom! We really like having her as she is so thorough. Thanks again.

    Shellie J. Calgary (Aspen Woods), AB

  • Thanks for a great clean, Also thanks for letting us know about the water leak from the fridge!

    Bob J. Bearspaw, AB

  • Kelsey and Deanna were wonderful, efficient, and thorough. I have already recommended MaidPro to friends in our area of town. Thank you!

    Sonja Z. Calgary (Prestwick), AB

  • Thank you the house looks amazing for the new home owners!

    Kristine W. Cochrane, AB

  • I was so grateful for the service I received today! Would like to thank the girls for their punctuality and wonderful attitudes: :) they did a great job and I am so happy I called you!:) hope you have a great day, made mine so much better!

    Natasha U. Calgary (Citadel), AB

  • Kelsey did a fantastic job, This is the third cleaning service I have used since May of this year and I am thrilled to find one that is so competent. I look forward to continued service with MaidPro.

    Paul A. Calgary (Beltline), AB

  • Even when the place looks clean they always do so much more to really make it shine. Love the move in cleans.

    Tiffany L. Calgary (Panorama), AB

  • The ladies have done an excellent job as usual. They addressed everything and the house looks wonderful. Thank you Danni and Caity!

    Suzanne C. Calgary (Oakridge), AB

  • Each time it is a treat to come home after Beth has been here to do my clean. Thank you MaidPro!!!

    Joan L. Calgary (Edgemont), AB

  • What a treat! I am so happy. Rebecca was wonderful! Thank you so much, looking forward to the next one!

    Michelle S. Calgary (Cranston), AB

  • This was my first cleaning (top to bottom) the house looked great when I got home. Absolutely no complaints. Thank you!

    Rob K. Calgary (Discovery Ridge), AB

  • My favorite day of the week to come home is always cleaning day!! The house always looks great.

    Sherri G. Calgary (Hidden Valley), AB

  • I was super happy with Manpreet! She is efficient, polite, friendly, professional and extremely great at her job! This was my first time using MaidPro and now because of Manpreet it is going to be a regular thing! Thank you so much for doing a wonder...

    Tanya D. Calgary (Coventry Hills), AB

  • I was completely pleased with the work that Rachel did for this one-time cleaning. No concerns whatsoever.

    Nancy W. Calgary (Strathcona Park), AB

  • Thank you so much for your amazing response to our cleaning needs. I was at the house today and it looked great. The lady you sent must have worked her butt off. Thanks for everything!

    Marion H. Calgary (Midnapore), AB

  • We have had two cleans with you to date. We had had some not so great experiences prior to MaidPro and I'm thrilled I kept looking. Our house feels and smells clean, we look forward to coming home on our clean day, and love the notes and checklist le...

    Sheena C. Calgary (Midnapore), AB

  • Jamie and Chris were extremely pleasant and professional. It was immediately apparent that they cared about the service they would be providing. It was wonderful to come home to such a clean house, with obvious care taken. Thank you!

    Angelese H. Calgary (Killarney), AB

  • Very friendly service & a great job done. You will definitely be my choice cleaning company!

    Shelley T. Calgary (Harvest Hills), AB

  • Sara did an excellent job giving our house a thorough clean. It was really awful and I needed help. It feels so much better now, it's like a new home. I was concerned I might not feel comfortable having someone come in to do the cleaning but Sara was...

    Marlene K. Calgary (Rutland Park), AB

  • I love the attention to detail and the kind comments about our pets. Thanks for the great clean!

    Nancy E. Calgary (Hidden Valley), AB

  • Great job yesterday on our house! It is always nice to come home on a MaidPro day.

    Amanda P. Calgary (Panorama), AB

  • Great clean. Your service is very consistent.

    Sharon C. Calgary (Harvest Hills), AB

  • I am very pleased with Danielle's work ethic - she definitely puts the PRO in maid service. Quality work above and beyond what I expected. The residence has never been cleaner -- NOT even when I first moved in. Thank you!

    Satoru M. Calgary (Huntington Hills), AB

  • Beth always does a fabulous job and I strongly recommend her.

    Robin L. Calgary (Bearspaw), AB

  • Michelle was a very pleasant person who worked very diligently during the time she was here. We are very pleased with the job she did and will not hesitate to recommend her and MaidPro to others.

    Dianne C. Calgary (Palliser), AB

  • Kimberley went over and above as always, she really does an excellent job. We are so happy to have her! Thanks Maidpro!

    Patrick M. Calgary (Patterson), AB

  • MaidPro did an excellent job of cleaning our home. I have used other companies before and have been disappointed. NOT THIS TIME!

    Shauna S. Calgary (Strathcona Park), AB

  • Outstanding!! After my last experience using a professional cleaner failed miserably, I was skeptical in trying another maid service. MaidPro was very professional, thorough and just seemed like all around great people. I actually feel comfortable ha...

    Laura C. Calgary (Haysboro), AB

  • MaidPro did an excellent job. We loved the little flowers that she made on the toilet paper rolls! I liked that she put everything back in its place. Best clean I have ever had by a maid service.

    Aniece S. Calgary (Strathcona Park), AB

  • Disliked nothing. Loved the dusting, floors and bathroom clean, also great job on the upholstery upstairs....very very satisfied.

    Sheryl M. Calgary (Panorama), AB

  • MaidPro was amazing!!! The best service and cleaning we have ever had. The house smelled amazing and was the cleanest out of any company weve had come in. Thrilled with the service.

    Jesse S. Calgary (Coach Hill), AB

  • Felt like 5 star hotel service!

    Sarah K. Calgary (Ramsay), AB

  • I like bright shiny objects and I came home and my whole house was glimmering, super happy and stoked about my clean house.

    Jason V. Calgary (Bankview), AB

Calgary House Cleaning Services

COVID-19 UPDATE: Home and office cleaning has been designated as an essential service in our area. We continue to operate - with new safety protocols in place - providing vital disinfection services to our residential and business customers to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. For more information please visit

MaidPro is Calgary's premier professional house cleaning service.  At MaidPro, worry-free house cleaning  is our only priority. Centrally located near Chinook Mall, we deliver personalized, precise cleaning services to every corner of the Calgary and all surrounding communities as well.

In business since 2009, MaidPro Calgary is 100% Canadian owned and operated, and proudly committed to delivering the highest standard in personalized house cleaning services. Owner David Buckler has lived and worked in Calgary for over 20 years, and believes MaidPro’s business model of consistency and service is a perfect fit for the Stampede City.

Our professionally trained house cleaning professionals specialize in residential home cleaning; especially kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting. Our 49-Point Checklist makes sure that everything in your Calgary home is cleaned right, on time, every time. There are no contracts to sign, and you'll find our house cleaning services remarkably affordable. We even guarantee that you'll be satisfied!

Why spend your fall inside cleaning when you could be outside doing fun things in Calgary. Nearby national parks and lakes such as Banff National Park and hiking trails such as Bowmont Park are top recommendations. Not the outdoorsy type? For families, a lacrosse game could be the perfect daytime or early evening activity. The Calgary Rednecks is our top pick in this category. Another free and fun idea for all ages is to check with your local library. They frequently have movies and book readings during the summer. Calgary Public Library is just minutes away!

Contact us today for your free and easy estimate house cleaning estimate. It takes less than 15 minutes to discuss your individual cleaning needs via telephone, or send us details about your Calgary home via this website and we will call you with a quote. If you are looking for Calgary Maid Service we've got that too.

MaidPro has won both the HomeStars Best of 2017 Award for Home Cleaning and the HomeStars Giving Back Award for our charity work with MaidPro Cares!

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Your home, cleaned just the way you like it.

At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.