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Customers love MaidPro Hopkins Court, ON

  • Shirley is so amazing! She left me an amazing card this week! She and Marilyn did an incredible job as usual. Thank you!

    Janet A. Burlington, ON

  • Tammy arrived on time and did a great job, missing nothing. Additionally, she washed the dishes in the sink - that was not a part of the job and I appreciated it. Very professional and I would book again. Thanks!

    Jeremy G. Burlington, ON

  • AWESOME JOB. She got areas that have been previously missed.

    Jennifer K. Burlington, ON

  • The house looked great! Thank you.

    Kelly R. Burlington, ON

  • Sara did a great job today! I was very pleased when I got home and saw how clean the house was. This was the best experience so far with MaidPro! Thanks Sara!

    Julie A. Burlington, ON

  • Sara did an amazing job!

    Matt M. Burlington, ON

  • Just wanted to say thank you again for doing such a great job. Really appreciate the attention to detail and the positive attitude of the girls. Pleasure.

    Kimberly H. Burlington, ON

  • The girls where amazing can't wait for them to come again I posted how thrilled I was on Facebook thank you

    Jennifer G. Burlington, ON

  • Chris was prompt, pleasant and very competent. There were repairs made to my condo. She went out of her way to remove the drywall dust and clean the floors. I was very pleased.

    Sue V. Burlington, ON

  • Chris is very nice and efficient. Nice to come home to a spic and span place.

    Robin I. Oakville, ON

  • Loved the cleaning lady. She's caring and listens when I explained what I wanted. Very friendly and a great smile.

    Rose W. Burlington, ON

  • Very happy with my cleaning yesterday!! Chris was fantastic! She went over and above my expectations!! Even went in to locker and cleaned laundry machines!! I will definitely be using MaidPro services from now on!! Thank you Chris!!

    Marcel L. Burlington, ON

  • Dora does a terrific job.

    Eric J. Oakville, ON

  • Chris was absolutely fantastic. I'm sure she was a bit nervous given I essentially ushered her out the door to make my appointment for 1, but the cleaning itself was superb. I am very much looking forward to seeing Chris again. Looks like you have a...

    Erica M. Burlington, ON

  • Best clean ever! Baseboards were so clean. I loved the little touches of folding the towels & toilet paper. Super job!

    Kathy M. Burlington, ON

  • Maidpro staff were friendly, professional, and efficient. Thank you!

    E. M. Burlington, ON

  • Thank You and Thank You for the Wonderful Job. My Clients were singing your praises. I will definitely be using you for all my clients needs.

    M. R. Burlington, ON

  • Maidpro team was great. They did exceptionally thorough and detailed work. They've set the bar high. I was absolutely thrilled.

    W. M. Burlington, ON

  • Fabulous! Thanks so much for putting the clean dishes away and bringing down my cups from upstairs. And thank you for working around my new rug which I haven't had a chance to put down yet.

    L S Burlington, ON

  • MaidPro Team did an amazing job! The hardwood floors have never looked better!

    K R Burlington, ON

  • I just want to say thank you very much for helped me changing the date of the service for my emergency. It was very much appreciated. The Pros did a great job. Thanks again.

    I O Oakville, ON

  • MaidPro team did an amazing job yesterday, spotless!!!!! Thank you!!

    Krista W. Burlington, ON

  • "The ladies were lovely and did an amazing job!!! Unbelievable team they are.

    K W Burlington, ON

  • MaidPro, They were wonderful, working industriously and with assiduous attention to detail. Such things as sparkling clean bathroom and kitchen glasses. napkins under the legs of the camera tripod temporarily located on the dining room table to preve...

    B W Burlington, ON

  • I was pleased with my cleaning service. I look forward to future business with MaidPro

    M.C Oakville, ON

  • The house looked great! I was completely thrilled, and impressed that they thought to do little things like put garbage liners in my bathroom garbage cans and empty my recycling in the kitchen to the garage!

    L. S Burlington, ON

  • MaidPro, They are remarkable. They came on time and worked industriously. They offered to take out the garbage and to take things up and down stairs. They even carried laundry without being asked at all. They even cleaned the microwave and the coffee...

    B.W Burlington, ON

  • When MaidPro left, the house was absolutely perfect! I cannot thank them enough every time. When they are here, they always try their best and I really appreciate it. Thank you!! And I recommended your office to a friend who was looking for a good cl...

    S. L. Milton, ON

  • My clients were really happy with the service - thank you so much!

    T D Burlington, ON

  • Absolutely amazed by how the Pros always try their best and never miss a single spot! they were great too! Very very very happy with the service!

    S. L. Milton, ON

  • Amazing customer service! The best in this business! And the team was great!!

    S. W. Milton, ON

  • I was so unprepared for the ladies to come yet they cleaned around all my clutter and still smiled when I walked in the door! So nice.

    L. W. Oakville, ON

  • They always do a great job. This week they went the extra mile and vacuumed the stairway to the basement which was not part of their regular responsibilities. I was so delighted! What a wonderful surprize. I am extremely happy with my service!

    L E Burlington, ON

  • MaidPro team were very nice....

    S T Oakville, ON

  • Awesome job

    B H Milton, ON

  • Maidpro was fantastic once again. Many thanks!

    K. W. Burlington, ON

  • As always the place sparkled - Thanks!

    C. B. Burlington, ON

  • Thank you very much for doing a great job, Since we have started with Maidpro! Specially your "TLC". So Appreciated!

    B M Burlington, ON

  • The house looks amazing!!

    X. T Oakville, ON

  • MaidPro: was prompt and went right to work. is very good at dusting, straightening and cleaning horizontal surfaces. gave my coffee maker the best cleaning it's had in years! also washed my basement floor without being told. Heaven knows it needed it...

    B W Burlington, ON

  • MaidPro was at our home today, did a fabulous job!! We were very pleased. Thank You.

    B R Burlington, ON

  • both maids were amazing

    X T Oakville, ON

  • Very helpful and friendly!

    D J Oakville, ON

  • As always the team was pleasant, accommodating and thorough!

    C. B. Burlington, ON

  • service very good thank you.

    V. B. Burlington, ON

  • THANK YOU MaidPro! As always you go above and beyond....

    C. B. Burlington, ON

  • Always friendly, with great service! They care about how your experience was and always make sure you are satisfied. Great company

    K. S. Milton, ON

  • The BEST cleaning job ever done! Totally changed my attitude towards cleaning service companies. The operator was super nice and friendly and very professional. And the cleaning ladies, are two of the nicest and most hard and honestly working ladies...

    S. W. Milton, ON

  • ..! What can I say? MaidPro prompt, hardworking, diligent, attentive to detail, friendly, and so on. Cleaning, wiping, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, etc. were all completed in a brilliant manner. I can't say enough good about you.

    B.W Burlington, ON

  • The girls were very friendly and most helpful even after having to walk up 3 flights of stairs due to our elevator being down. Most important they accepted my dogs welcoming! Very pleased look forward to seeing them again

    D J Oakville, ON

  • Everything was really well done. I'm happy!

    B.W Burlington, ON

  • Everything was fine. The girls showed up on time and also rang me to confirm. They were efficient, willing, polite and always ready to do something extra when asked. We are very pleased with the cleaning and the girls who come.

    S,W Oakville, ON

  • The team did a good job and focused on the areas that needed it most. I especially like how they went through the list.... . Good job!

    L. W. Oakville, ON

  • MaidPro Team were here for the first time yesterday and they cleaned as if they knew the house well. They cleaned the kitchen counters and cupboards until they were sparkling. They dusted and vacuumed until the carpet pile was standing at attention....

    B.W Burlington, ON

  • I really enjoyed the little touches. Folding the towels and the way the toilet paper was folded. I felt the house was beautifully done.

    S. H Oakville, ON

  • excellent job on the stairs, vacuuming! The vacuuming overall was exceptional.

    K. W. Burlington, ON

  • Everything was great, the house was thoroughly clean.

    M. L Burlington, ON

  • I really appreciated the team's thorough vacuuming especially the stairs. And in the kitchen they cleaned everything in sight! Thanks ladies.

    B.W Burlington, ON

  • The clean was as detailed as I do. It is nice to see that others take pride in a good clean. Very happy.

    S.E Burlington, ON

  • the team worked so hard they were finished before I knew it!

    B.W Burlington, ON

  • You guys are amazing and I remain very impressed with the service

    S L S Burlington, ON

  • very good job and was thorough.

    H. E K. Milton, ON

  • Not only does my house look clean, it also feels and looks and smells clean.

    BW Burlington, ON

  • I am completely satisfied with the cleaning

    B B Burlington, ON

  • Thorough, attention to detail, punctual, friendly, MaidPro sticker on my paper towel roller! Thanks!

    BW Burlington, ON

  • Maidpro team did a good job. Yes, the stationary fans were cleaned in the master bedroom and in the guest room. That was a welcome surprise!

    H. E K Milton, ON

  • What can I say!! The girls has done an amazing job at my house:))) this is my first company who made me soooo happy with cleaning service:) I love it, great job and well done.

    S B Milton, ON

  • I really enjoyed the little touches. Folding the towels and the way the toilet paper was folded.

    S. H Oakville, ON

  • We would like to thank the staff at MaidPro for the cleaning services so far. We are happy with our investment in your services.

    H. E K. Milton, ON

  • The team was amazing as always!

    S. L S Burlington, ON

  • Lovely girls, very friendly, asked the names Of my kids so she could say hi!

    K. W. Burlington, ON

  • Very clean fresh smell but not over powering clean smell. Organizing my daughters books and toys a very nice surprise!

    L. M. Burlington, ON

  • I have had at least 6 different teams in here over the past year, and MaidPro got it right. The ladies did a fantastic job.

    M. L. Oakville, ON

  • Loved the clean job, sparkling floors, bathrooms, everything well done! Thank you!

    M. L. Burlington, ON

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When you're looking for Hopkins Court maid service, look at MaidPro. We're making Ontario shine, one house at a time, serving, the entire Hopkins Court area.

MaidPro is Hopkins Court's premier cleaning service. Whether you want weekly, bi-weekly or just a one-time house cleaning, we'll design your maid service around your needs. We understand that hiring a maid service can be a big decision, and we will work with you to ensure your 'hot spots' are cleaned the way you want them done, on time, every time.

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At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.